Nine reasons for the decline of intelligence

1. Viewing a reality show (who would doubt)
2. Systematic excessive consumption of sugar impairs memory and brain function
(But it unexpectedly. Like sugar stimulates. Well, okay. Believe)
3. Changing time zones. (Also quite unexpectedly) travelers have to adjust and adapt. And then came a contract to sign - and no little head
4. Chewing gum impairs short-term memory (ho ho!)
5. permanent location in a smoky room lowers IQ (not impressed)
6. Nerves, stress and everything connected with it, reduce the amount of gray matter. No need to get nervous.
7. The anti-anxiety medication (as a continuation of the previous) as a side effect have memory impairment losses up to the (good effektik) and suicidal thoughts (also very cute. Took to calm down and "oh, and Th is I want? Oh, hang )
8. Iodine deficiency lowers IQ by 13 positions.
9.Dazhe easily excited violate brain activity and literally destroy it (coffee, tea - f furnace)


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