Interesting chemical reactions

Cool SIFCO chemical reactions, which are very interesting to see.

Mesmerizing bromic acid

According to the science, the Belousov-Zhabotinskii - this "vibrational chemical reaction" in which "ions of transition metals catalyze the oxidation of various commonly organic reductants bromic acid in an acidic aqueous medium", which enables to "observe with the naked eye the formation of complex spatiotemporal structures ". It is a scientific explanation for hypnotic phenomena that occurs if you throw a little bromine in an acidic solution.

The acid converts the bromine chemical called bromide (which takes on a whole different shade), in turn, bromide is rapidly converted back into bromine, because scientific elves who live within it - too stubborn assholes. The reaction is repeated again and again, allowing you to endlessly watch the undulating movement of the incredible structures.

Transparent chemical instantly becomes black

Question: What happens when you mix sodium sulfite, citric acid and sodium iodide?
The correct answer below:

When you mix the above ingredients in certain proportions, eventually turns capricious liquid, which initially has a transparent color, and then abruptly turns black. This experiment is called "iodine clock." Simply put, this reaction occurs when the specific components are connected so that their concentration gradually changed. When it reaches a certain threshold - the fluid becomes black.
But that is not all. By varying the proportions of the ingredients you have the opportunity to receive a backlash:

In addition, using different materials and formulas (for example, as an option - Briggs-Rauscher reaction), you can create a schizophrenic mix that constantly changes color from yellow to blue.


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