Extreme hot tub at an altitude of 100 meters

In Switzerland, opened a new fun for the most desperate enthusiasts. Attraction is a mobile hot tub, for 15 persons, which is suspended over the abyss at a height of 100 meters.
Located at the extreme bath bridge Gueuroz (highest arch bridge in Europe), near the village of Trient. The bridge reaches a height of 187 meters and is located above the picturesque gorge at the bottom of which flows a mountain river. Needless Jacuzzi set on a special platform, suspended on steel ropes.
In order to get in the hot tub, wanting to be first be instructed to sign a special document on the responsibility and come down from the bridge down to the platform with the help of climbing equipment and two assistants. It is noteworthy that in the jacuzzi all vacationers relax in special helmets.


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