Metro 2012. And it's not about the movie

It is difficult to imagine how many smashed foreheads and hands broke the doors. Given the multi-million daily passenger flow, I think this figure for almost 80 years has reached hundreds of thousands. Before you overcome this obstacle heaviest tight, you first have to guess which ones are open.

"Tickets for one - two trips, do not stand in line!" - Metrobarygi not miss an opportunity to earn a lack of time. To the left in the photo frame metal detector, like almost all determined during obscure campaigns, it never worked.

Trying to solve the problem of automata ticket sales, receipts spits on the floor. But to find work - a great success. In addition, they do not take notes of 500 and 1000 rubles and sell only 1-2 trip.

Cash box - an extreme point where can get a foreigner without a guide, of course, if it does not kill the doors at the entrance. I do not know any language, manage to travel from country to country, from town to town, train, train ... buy a ticket, pass the station, where you have to go out, just stupid looking eyes on Old. In the Moscow subway is the English language does not exist anywhere. Residents of other countries will never be able to understand how much travel, looking at the ads on the glass. Cashier explain it to him, of course, also can not.

Opportunity in the 21st century to pay the fare by credit card, it seems even in the distant plans are not considered by the Moscow Metro. I'm not talking about the more advanced methods, such as payment by mobile phone. It somehow trying to enter in St. Petersburg, apparently, there is easier to negotiate.

Tickets are very small duration. This girl puts her skipping all the subway for free - it burned trip. Thank U! After I walked another 28 lucky winners. And you're so if possible do - a sea of ​​positive guaranteed.

This is a "clean room" Zelenograd factory, which produces chips used in tickets

Difficult and dangerous industry - including several dozen hydrofluoric acid, etched silicon wafers.

And this is really high-tech products are sold at the box office by hand.

Yes, and someone's mind decided to throw a chip with a ticket is much cheaper than solve it reprogrammed. Sales increased tenfold.

"If you drop the purse between the new turnstiles and bend over for them, it is very painful to get in the face" - complained to me one girl.

After passing the turnstile and realizing that it was the last trip, you can not buy a ticket inside the station. You are bound to turn at the entrance.

Whistle metrosmotritelnits - another hateful topic: "loud and unpleasant, but it is meaningless." By the way, unlike land transport to the "hares" subway passengers are very negative.

Aluminum police booth fit perfectly in almost a century marble design subway. A bicycle and a dog - no, they were not allowed.

In this picture, everyone who has ever descended into the earth must exclaim "YES !!!" Broken escalators - it's not even a problem, it problemischa! There are many legends why. From the "regulation" of the stream to the station does not overflow to the constrained time standards work to equipment not peretruzhdaetsya. The call to fill the left side and on the rise survives hard, for decades we have been told, "Stand on the right, pass on the left».

At some stations, you can wait for another escalator ambush - no turnstiles at the output. Realizing that you do not come back, come back without paying again, you can not. At the expense of music and even poetry handsfree Muscovites do not yet have consensus - someone like, some do not.

Scary to think, but somehow we managed without card inside the station. Now they are. And even the reference voice work. If she can speak in English, I do not know. Advertising board over the information stand, fortunately, are always off.

Navigation - the second problem after escalators. Habitual worldwide brochures with maps at the entrance there, and no maps of the surrounding area and output circuits in the lobby. To anything seen on the new transparent scheme subway, you will have to hang over the sitting menacingly people. Several times I caught the startled look of a man in malozapolnennom car when heading for "his" scheme.

In the new cars were scoreboard! Delight man in headphones on an unfamiliar line is hard to describe, because now they do not have to shoot at each station to hear her name. But here, the bases can not do without. The more of these cars is introduced, the more they begin to walk between the lines. The photo shows the scoreboard "Kutuzov" blue branches, but in fact it is on the blue "Smolensk". There are other boards with running letters station names and call to close the window. They always show correctly. We will soon get used to not look over the door, and focus on the text.

Driving time you enrich the homeless, beggars and vendors. Just passengers complain of stuffiness, cold open spans too high handrails in new trains, loud noise, dirt, smell and scratches cogs, transmit infection.

In the photo - the invalid, not a beggar.

With cars finished, exit the station. Heard on the Arbat "You have white at the back!" You can not only the first of April.

We are so accustomed to metrolyapam that no longer wonder why something is done so and not otherwise. Who would be interested in how long ago left the train? Not correct to show how to train? We looked at him and saw three minutes, we understand that the following was not a long time.

Photo of the beauty I was almost taken to the police, but it is rather the exception. Shoot turned into warehouses art metro stations can now.

Most often they do not even steamed with cubbyhole and obstruct its designer boxes (you do not forget - the most beautiful subway in the world) the usable area station.

And make the most beautiful in the world of concrete bumpers for the collection of puddles.

Set so we need to transitions outlets and currency exchange

And enclose ... By the way, why do I need to know the number of ways?

Enclose ...

To fence! Causing us to stumble and rub to shine their fences.

Jump over fences, Muscovites do not like. As hate those who squeezes to the entrance to the escalator side.

It's not a terrible example of boxes and cables. Here they almost do not spoil the view of the station.

To find the right or left the train you need have to get to the middle station. Small white rectangle in the center of the photo - the first pointer. So far they are placed so that at the end of the stairs or escalator people are not hindered by looking at them in an attempt to understand the direction of further movement.

Here again "warehouse". But the design can be used as benches, they are so few stations, especially in the new.

Relama annoying. Instead of civilized branded trains or cars, inventing new formats. This new well is blocking index. Well, that flow is not impeded. Disposable leaves in the cars' registration, hotel, medspravki "also enrage.

Metropolitsiya believes that it has the right to glue your shit anywhere. In such unexpected non-traditional advertising sites work well ad the missing people or finding witnesses, but not hiring.

Moscow subway actually very, not adapted for the disabled. There is nothing for them, even the medical center at each station.

Clamping doors - daily routine of the driver. A fun surprise they whistle, passing by you. Suddenly myocardial will?

Another horror sent Friend of social networks:
 - The people too much. The announcer on the red line - Bag of Bones with the Necronomicon. Faces funeral.
 - Do not disabled.
 - Stuffiness in transitions.
 - Lots of transition and output is blocked.
 - Huge holes between the platforms and the cars - bad for strollers and suitcases
 - Shouting grandmother-custodians on the escalators. type "Cho got hell, in a red jacket, holding his right hand»)
 - The lack of normal social service recharge cards students. Earlier there were cell phones, but do not work.
 - Lack of ballot boxes and toilets very delivers
 - Hate that is not divorced outflows and transitions often is "wall to wall" - two streams collide.
 - Do not like the style of driving of some drivers who drive "gas to the floor - the floor brake».
 - Very enrage train stop in the tunnel during peak hours.
 - It is not like when the train ends the route is not the final
 - Very early closing.
 - Steadily rising prices for travel without improvement of quality and comfort.
 - Traditional inability to ride the subway to / from the wheelchair, lifts, ramps, parking spaces in the car, the width of the turnstiles.
 - Pickpockets
 - New stations miserable.
 - I want to increase the difference between 1-2 tickets for trips and tickets for months.
 - There are some stations, the floors of which always seemed smeared lard - slippery sho PPC.
 - And I do not have any more modern pointers. It is clear that the Bolshoi Theatre and the other will always be relevant. But here's how to get to the "European" so as not to fall into the street, I already asked 5 times.
 - Over the last year without warning when I just stopped escalator 10 - people were flying down the stairs
 - Signs nikakuschy. If you do not know how the system works, in life you will not understand. Colour coding no. Counterintuitive and so on.
 - We do not have armrests, as in England. And always your personal space is violated, the grandmother moves you, then Pukhlyak almost to his knees to you sits.
 - Turn off the stupid ads about how to stand on the steps of the escalator ... Better silence or classical music than this hideous text and voice.
 - No of employees who are called to a prompt and help. At the station never find help.
 - Do not like people who are pushing you in the back, in the hope to quickly get into the car. but it is not a problem of underground, and the problem of mentality

Well what can we say about it good?

 - Doors still beautiful when they are 30s-50s. In this case you can tolerate their potential danger
 - The only transport in which you sit down and plus or minus 5 minutes - you can know how long it will take your trip. and this is WARRANTIES
 - There you can bask and someone to wait
 - If tomorrow the war, it is - a bomb shelter.
 - Thematic train verses on the speakerphone on the escalators, cleanliness.
 - Sleepers on Kropotkin smell cool.
 - It should be cheaper, for example, the New York twice.
 - And still manage to read on the subway, and car owners do not have.
 - This is - the only architectural landmark in the city that can not carry on principle. Reverse (bury) is also suitable ...
 - Going down into the ground, you get the opportunity to meet with the era of socialist realism.
 - Check-important in the subway - it simpatishnye girls! Especially in the spring or summer, when the length of skirts begins to decline!
 - Operates up to an hour - it's cool.
 - Good - that's what it is ...



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