Great Banyan - tree with multiple trunks and the biggest crown in the world

Great Banyan - tree (Ficus Bengali) with the world's largest area of ​​the crown. Located in the Indian Botanical cadu in Hauri.
Age of the Great Banyan is 200-250 years. History of the tree, unfortunately, can not be traced, there are very few records dating from XIX century. During hurricanes's 1884 and 1886 are corrupted by some of the main processes, and the tree has been divided into two parts. After a lightning strike in 1925 was the splitting of the main trunk, so that the barrel had to cut.

Due to the large number of aerial roots Great Banyan is more like a grove than a single tree. Banyan laid around the track length of 330 meters, but the tree continues to grow beyond it. Crohn tree has a circumference of about 350 meters, the maximum height is 25 meters. The area of ​​the tree is about 1, 5 hectares.

Currently, Great Banyan has 2880 aerial roots that reach to the ground.


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