Fighter of the cigarette pack (11 ph)

So. Take the usual empty pack of cigarettes under.

Carefully separate the all glued parts and do a scan.
It is important to keep all internal parts intact.

Share scan that separates the two bases, the back and front sides, inside.
That's what we need:

From the front of the wings do like paper doves

Attach to the back of the shape of a cylinder and do "chassis»

In the middle of the wings done a oblong hole and insert body.

Carefully unfold the "chassis»

Top of the stack attach a cylinder, in the interior of the slot do and twists the edges, it will be the tail portion and the turbine.

Install the tail and the turbine.

Foil do cone with a base diameter of approximately equal fizyulyazha.

We put in the nose of the body.
Fighter is ready!



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