Let's look at the fashion week in Nigeria ...

For the second time Africa took to the podium at the Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria. Designers from around the world, "wrapped" African models in their unique creations. It seems that the world begins to look closely to the fashionable potential of Africa.

1. Guests gather at the fashion week in Nigeria, one of the three tents set for shows in Lagos. More than 70 designers from Africa gathered in Lagos at the second annual Nigerian Fashion Week. Nigeria - the second largest economic growth in Africa, and its cultural excites me and makes Africa the region closer to the rest of the world. (Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)

2. Hundreds of residents of Lagos and guests came for the annual fashion show. The first day had to be changed due to the lack of electricity and strike models, but in the end the show took place, and went according to plan. (Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)

3. Fashionable mobile phones and iPhones were a common sight among the guests who immediately threw off all information about the course of events on the Internet. (Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)

4. It offers the show, whiling away the time with their smartphones. (Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)

5. Guests socialize in between screenings at the «Federal Palace». Although the show was delayed, the guests did not seem offended. (Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)


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