In the solar Brazil, Brazil, my, such an abundance of unseen beasts (s)

No, this is not Rio de Janeiro. And just Poços de Caldas, a nondescript town in the vicinity of Sao Paulo. But it suits carnival queens are considered the most beautiful in Brazil. For example, this one: it's called "Reflection of Nature».

Handmade: almost half a year working samba school 'Sasi-In "on these magical creations of fancy, which put the queen samba parades symbolic lady. In this photo - a costume called "Sweet Poison Lovers».

"Hernan Cortes, Montezuma executioner»

"Goddess gems»

"The Gateway to the new earth»

"Mother gold»

Samba queen, dressed in this outfit, can dance, just standing still. In this photo - suit the god of wine Bacchus.

Suit "Hummingbird": a garment weighs up to 80 pounds and comes to three and a half meters in height. The price can reach up to 15 000 euros. Wear - in the truest sense of the word - such outfits impossible.



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