Children in World War II

The Tinder Box. 1944
Photographer John Erickson, "Eastern Front in the photos."

The Tinder Box 169 airbase special purpose.
Name unknown age - 10 years, served as assistant equipment for armaments.
Poltava airfield, 1944

Ivan Vasiuk

Again bombing.
Stalingrad, 1941.
Photo by B. Yaroslavtseva

Tinder Tarnowski Volodya puts autograph on a column Reichstag
May 1945

Guard Private Ivan Frolovich Kamyshev 14 years.
Urals Volunteer Tank Corps

Volodya Tarnowski (right)
Berlin, May 1945

Kohl Lubitsch. Partizan.
The village Hromnoe

Gunner with a young pupil A.Oshurko guards K.Stepanovym
January 1942.
Place: Western Front
Photographer: Minkevich VN

Son Shelf

Mogilev, 1942

Hitler presents the Iron Cross of the Hitler Youth boys
April 20, 1945



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