Open Cup Vladivostok fitness bikini - 2012

Congress of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) in 2010 in Baku, adopted a new nomination - Bikini model. This nomination is for women with a good physique, beautiful lines of the body that are involved in sports. Are also taken into account the details of the appearance: the attractiveness of the face, make-up, hairstyle, skin tone, and overall presentable.

Take part in the competition can absolutely any girl with a beautiful, fit body. For the first time in the Far East to everyone it was offered a unique opportunity to prepare for the contest "Miss Bikini" and in case of victory in it to be able to go to the East European Cup on bodybuilding, fitness and bodyfitness.

Girls are selected for participation in the competition, I was given the opportunity to engage in the best fitness centers in Vladivostok. Each of them was assigned a personal trainer, an individual program of training and nutrition to achieve results as soon as possible.

Anticipating the question "What is it you are yellow," I have to say: the number of tanning per unit area of ​​the theater "Underground" was probably the maximum for all the time of its existence))


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