In Europe, the hurricane was "Xynthia"

On Saturday night, the elements fell on Europe: from the Atlantic Ocean came a hurricane named "Xynthia", which over the weekend went through France, Portugal, Spain and Germany. This powerful media storm called the most "terrible hurricane in 11 years", since such European countries experienced in 1999. Then, like the victims of the disaster became more than 90 people.

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1) destruction of the embankment in the French city Egilon sur Mer (L'Aguillon sur Mer). The wind speed on the coast reached 150 kilometers per hour. (MAXPPP / Frederic Girou / EPA)

2) Rescue workers help local residents out of their flooded homes in the French city Egilon sur Mer. There are casualties: in France alone the number has already reached 45; Germany, Portugal and Spain, the death toll is approaching 30. This whole week has passed since the floods on the Portuguese island of Madeira. (Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

3) beached ships in the French city of La Rochelle. The hurricane was accompanied by heavy rains. Raging elements brought down the dam, which led to the flooding of certain areas, the wind tore off the roof of the house and felled trees. (Regis Duvignau / Reuters)

4) Rescuers take a child from a flooded house in La Rochelle. Bad weather delayed or canceled many trains and airplanes. Because of the continuity of transmission lines without light remained about one million homes, mainly in France. (Xavier Leoty / AFP - Getty Images)

5) A woman sitting in her flooded kitchen in the French town of La Fot sur Mer (La Faute sur Mer). (Franck Perry / AFP - Getty Images)

6) Rescuers evacuate residents Fot Sur La Mayor. (Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

7) An employee cleans the restaurant, which was flooded after the passage of the hurricane. The picture was taken in the French city Aderno. (Regis Duvignau / Reuters)

8) Local residents look at a storm destroyed the embankment in the resort town of Les Sables d'Olonne (Les Sables d'Olonne) in France. (Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

9) The machine crushed collapsed tree near the Spanish city of Arlanzon. In Portugal, the "Xynthia" to blame for the death of 10-year-old child killed by a broken tree branch. (I. Lopez / AP)



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