Most small towns

Everyone knows about the smallest state. Monaco, Liechtenstein, Vatican ...

And I suggest to visit the smallest town. Or rather four of them leading in the number of inhabitants. The lowest side, of course ...

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City Dyurbyi. Belgium.
The population of 500 inhabitants.

The first castle on the site was built in the year 889, and the first mention of Dyurbyi XI century.

By the beginning of the 14th century city wall was built, the building of the police and the tribunal - all that is required to obtain the status of the city, according to the law, Jean, Count of Luxembourg and King of Bohemia, which he received in 1331. And today Dyurbyi officially considered the city, despite its size.

Dyurbyi preserved medieval atmosphere and living tourism.

Here, time stands still for sure. When you look around, I can not help you forget that now the XXI century, the time of computers and space travel.

this is also a hotel, located on the patio are several other small small rooms.

cool, right?


Melnik - the smallest town in Bulgaria

a population of just 390 people

The first written sources that mention it date back to the XI century.

In 1215, Miller became the capital of an independent feudal principality managed despot Alexius Slav. Slavova fortress ruins survived to the present day

To distinguish the old buildings from the modern untrained eye is almost impossible, because the old building beautifully restored, and new ones are built exactly to a tee the same.

In 1395 Miller was the power of the Ottoman Empire. In the first centuries of Ottoman rule the city was in decline. The situation has improved in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries. Winemaking began to flourish and tobacco production. The so-called Melnishko wine was exported all over Europe, most of which was sold in England and Austria.

Bolyarski house.
Bolyarski (Byzantine) house is located in the eastern part of Melnik in ten minutes from the city center. Is a monument of Bulgarian medieval housing architecture of national significance and the oldest building of the Byzantine era, preserved in the Balkans.

It was built in the first half of the XIII century, at a time when Melnik was the capital of the principality of despot Alexius Slav. Originally built as his residence. As part of the Slavova fortress Bolyarski house occupies an important strategic position in the first level of defense of the fortress, and played the role of the central core and the outer zone of the city.

The name of the city received the steep chalk cliffs

Actually that's the whole city. In full view. Absolutely all.

Rabštejn over Strzheloy
It is the smallest city in the Czech Republic.

The population of 20 inhabitants

The status of the city he received in 1337.

The town itself is, in practice, only one street, which widens into a small area. However Rabštejn are a number of buildings for which he may envy and many big cities.

Rabštejn proud remnants of a Gothic castle from the 14th century, on which later the castle was built in the Baroque style.

Finally, the leader.
Croatia. The city Hum. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest town in the world.
The population of 17 inhabitants.

Its modern look Hum was in the Middle Ages, and more specifically in the 11th century. It was then on the ruins of an ancient fortress was built Humsky Castle and beside him the first row of houses of the future town

The most interesting way to Houma is, of course, so-called "Glagolitic Alley", stretching from Rocha to Hume, the entire length of which fields are on the edges of large stones, monuments, each of which represents a letter of the Glagolitic alphabet.

Despite its small size, the city has a temple, a shop, a restaurant and a cemetery.

Of the thirteen homes inhabited by only seven, but despite this, the town has its own traditions and even the election of the mayor.

local museum

Among the permanent residents of the city except the mayor has one policeman, a fireman, a doctor, a judge.

Those who do not permanently live in the city come to Hum on weekends and tidy their homes and the area around them.

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