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And everybody says - "do not bite ..." The Curious Case!

In early spring, my best friend decided me prikolnutsya.
Two hours of the night, I wake up from the noise coming from outside the window. Awake I do not understand what's wrong. Here comes - some idiot throws stones (probably it was them) in my window. Lived in an old two-story house on the second floor. Peeps means starts yelling, saying that in the middle of the night spoiled freak. Look - Dimka stoit.On once again just arrived from Moscow night train and immediately rushed to me. Did not go out and talk to him, I, his head hanging down, and he cocked upward.

Then he said to me: "Look, I do not understand who is the rustling already half an hour?»
 - Dim, hedgehogs is likely. (On the other side, where he stood, local grannies long ago have organized something like a front garden. Flowers there any bushes and gooseberry smorodiny.Potom granny died, and garden and often ran ostalsya.Tam urchins.)
Even with half an hour in total darkness, with the phone in one hand, and with some kind of cloth in the other, he ran wildly mother. Then running over, and he pritaschal me is a miracle.

At night, put him in a box. Put there food and all sorts of rags. Somehow I fell asleep because of his snorting and rustles.

On the morning of the animal on the spot not obnaruzhila.Nashla it in the closet among all sorts of rags and other borohla.

Took it into his hands. I went to mamma, I say - "Mom, sfotkatsya me with him, let him go.»
Nurse was all in business, so only muttered - "sfotkatsya itself, the timer can fill" and ran away.

Then put the camera down, sit down, take the hands of this monster. Then I notice that on his paw kind of crap is wrapped. I present closer to consider. Then get a bite of horseradish is not the nose. And right would simply bitten, so no! This beast at that moment was like a pit bull. Bit and let in different directions Bosko wind. Unbearable pain, I yell, trying to tear it. And then triggers the timer!

So, strictly speaking, and get this photo.


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