Reactor for Achinsk Refinery

In the Krasnoyarsk region held a transport operation, which has no analogues in the world. At the special road train transported multi-ton reactor the size of a three-storey building to the Achinsk refinery.
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His way reactors started in the Italian port of Mantova. According to the Northern Sea Route on two barges were transported to Dudinka, and then on the Yenisei to specifically create a temporary berth at the village Kubekovo Krasnoyaskom. Now, with bolshegruzovogo motor reactors must get to the refinery in Achinsk.

Hydrocracking reactors weight from 350 to 1,300 tons each (total weight of the equipment exceeds 2, 5 th. Tonnes) and a length of over 40 m. The transport of the bulk reactor (1300 tons) using a special transport module consisting of 24 double axes at 384 wheels. The length of the vehicle is equal to 36 meters.

More than 210 km to the Achinsk-propelled platform overcame in a few months - the average speed of its motion was 1, 5 km / h. The height of the load is comparable to the three-story house so all the way had to dismantle the road directional signs, and even lift the wire. The route crosses 14 rivers and streams, as well as two railroad tracks. To arrange a special crossing was temporary reinforcement bridges and bypass roads.

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