Guess what this hangar? (8 photos)

Tropical Islands Resort - an artificial tropical resort, located near the German village Rietzneuendorf-Staakow.
It is a huge hangar, as an area of ​​approximately eight soccer fields, inside of which is a water park.
This hangar was built before the Second World War, and served as a garage for airships.
By the way, this hangar is the largest room in the world with no internal supporting pillars.

In the hangar set to a constant temperature 26C. It is always warm, even in winter.
In addition to the water park, is located inside a small tropical forest of fifty thousand exotic trees.
Sounds of the rainforest heard from speakers disguised.
And also simulated coastline lagoon with 200 meters of sandy beach.

The resort is open all year round, 24 hours a day.


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