Male and female ideals

Sent by: Alex
 - The ideal man by the woman:

They - warm her hands, and we have - cold fingers. They are strong and can lift us. One day they will understand (even for a moment),
that are better than us - no. They have principles. Sometimes they wash dishes.
They are above us and can get a book from the top shelf. They give us their very cool T-shirts. When they say, "I love you", it seems that you have.
They know how to install Windows. They forgive. They are normally kiss us on the forehead when they can not stay. They think that there are things that we will never understand, and just so we all understand. They put their hands on my knees to us.
They maniacal persistence willing to pay for our coffee, though themselves no longer understand why. They had tears streaming from his eyes, when a strong wind blows.
They go to the store when there is rain. They want to have our fotografii.Oni remember about us is not something that we - about themselves. They do not see any reason for our diet. They are silent, when we speak of stupidity. Although, when we say something intelligent, they too are silent. They know better than we do: maybe in a hundred years, maybe with some other planets, but they call.
They go to war, if there is a war. They do not notice the damaged makeup. They pretend that they are not pulled out March 8. They want to change our lives. In shop all the money spent on chocolate ... They are annoying, if we do not wear a bra, but not annoying, if not wear someone else's woman. They think not only about love. They love their mothers are much stronger than we are - their dads. Deep down, they know how to sew on buttons. They do not distinguish Allways by Kotex. They can easily admit to themselves that they have the goal in life is one - to sleep with us. They pull us out of foreign guests to take home and covered with a blanket. They just sometimes covered us with a blanket. They love our voices. They do not care what we say. They do not always accompany us to the airport, but never meet. They buy us cigarettes and dresses. They think that our bags are heavy, only when they are close. They do not want to be like us, and we to them - want. They look, when we say, "Look».
They are silent when we cry. When they leave, we stay. When we think about our past life, we think of them. They can count. They can
fight. Cassettes and CDs they always coincide with the boxes.
They think faster than us. They give their names to our children. They do things that we are proud. They drive us to rest. They are funny ...

The ideal woman eye men:

She is smart for that would not argue with the man, but is able to make him think in the same direction as herself. She did not notice his stubble. She advises, but does not control. She is beautiful, like an angel, but only for him. She was always in good shape. She knows when he wants to see her without makeup. She knows how to cook. Her skin is tender, and the shoulders and back will remember dying. Her eyes are always gentle and kind. They love our mothers. She looks "Gone with the Wind" and the old Soviet films, wrapped in a blanket. She sometimes defenseless, like a little girl. It is the house of your shirt and abuse of abandoned socks. It is the soul of the company and a loving mother. In our phone to call her is a police siren. She will understand that you are tired. She sniffs quietly at night on your chest. She has 2 wardrobe of clothes, but nothing to wear tomorrow. She really is a scarf on her head and an old sweater, when a big company rest on nature. In an interview she plays a lock of his hair. It is always different: quiet and restless, impulsive and aloof, shocking and everyday. She does not understand the technology and electrical equipment, but it is interesting that "this kind of contraption in the board." She lives you ...


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