Hurricane Novorossiysk (13 photos + video)

The hurricane earlier this week on the Black Sea coast, de-energize the house 170,000 people, tens of settlements, 60 thousand people were left without heat.

The rescue and recovery work was involved in 41 of the team of power engineers, 800 rescue workers, more than 200 units of special equipment. The situation is complicated not subside hurricane in which energy and rescuers risked their lives every minute.

According to the State Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory, on the track "Don" between Kabardinka Gelendzhik and the wind knocked over 15 trucks.

In the video, Novorossiysk, district Mefodievka Street. Krasnodar, the final stop of minibuses №32. Grandpa tried to cross the street Krasnodar, but it blew a strong gust of wind, and then he got up and completed plans.


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