15 famous pictures of World War II (15 photos)

Famous pictures of the Great Patriotic War.

1. Homemade swing at gun

2. Volley Soviet rocket launchers "Katyusha" on the outskirts of Vyborg

3. Combat. Photographer Max Alpert

4. On the Kursk. Tankers and destroyed tank "Tiger»

5. Soviet soldiers with a cat in her arms in Stalingrad

6. Soviet soldier with a child in her arms Czech

7. The post defense on the roof of the hotel "Moscow»

8. Fountain "Children's dance" on the station square of Stalingrad after the Nazi air raid

9. Battery firing at the defending German forces. Belarus, summer 1944

10. The German air raids on Moscow July 26, 1941

11. The death of a soldier

12.Sovetsky soldier gives a light German prisoners

13. Victory Banner over the Reichstag. Photo Eugene Chaldea

14. Soviet soldiers feeding pigeons in between fights

15. Soviet soldiers in between fights


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