Unbelievable inhabitants of the deep sea (25 photos)

Sea depths, even in our time are fraught with many unknown mysteries and miracles. Today show some very unusual creatures that live in the dark waters of the oceans

1. Horned kuzovok

This lovely creature very much like Pokemon. However, sensing the danger, the fish starts to produce a deadly toxin. 2. Mediterranean dolgopёr

Their distinguishing feature is the disproportionately large pectoral fins. Contrary to its name, it can not fly.

3. ophiuroid

This is one of the most wonderful things that can be found in the sea. In addition life expectancy is 35 years, brittle stars, which characterizes them as a very tough kind.

4. Red glowing jellyfish

In order to lure the victim, jellyfish have tentacles that are flashing red. But scientists drew particular attention to the fact that it is the first known to science invertebrate creature capable of emitting red color.

5. Black Crookshanks

It is also called "the great glutton" because he can eat fish twice the size and ten times heavier than himself. Sometimes he is so big fish swallows, they are not digested until full expansion because of what gases are formed and Crookshanks to the surface.

6. Sea Dragon ordinary

The animal, which is depicted on the emblem of the Australian state of Victoria, is found only in the eastern Indian Ocean. At length it can reach 45 centimeters. In fact, the dragon is a relative of the seahorse.

7. merostomes

Merostomes eurypterids or detachment is the largest extinct arthropods that ever lived on earth. Fossils with their remains have been found throughout the world. Despite the fact that this picture - Photoshop, it gives the opportunity to present, in fact, these creatures would look.

8. Woodlouse devouring language

This parasite literally resembles a monster from the movie "Alien." The parasite enters through the gills, and attached to the base language. He sucks the blood via the claws in their front part, which leads to the atrophy of the body due to lack of blood. Thereafter, the parasite replaces the language of fish, attaching his own body to the muscles of the stump language. How cool that there is nothing like the land, is not it?

9. The fish with a human face

However, the similarity does not end there: in some individuals even have eyes and ears in shape resembling a human.

10. Mottled astrologer

This fish is certainly not the most pleasant creature that can be found in the ocean. Digging in the sand, she is waiting to attack when the victim will sail next.

11. brachiopods

This member of the family netopёryvyh grows up to 10 centimeters. His bait, unlike most anglers is not lit, and secrete enzymes that lures the victim.

12. Axolotl

This neotenic salamander is almost on the verge of extinction. However, scientists are showing great interest in it because of its ability to regenerate limbs. Axolotl eats worms, insects and small fish.

13. Luna-fish

It is the heaviest of all known bony fish: the average weight of an adult can reach 1 ton. Basically, it eats jellyfish.

14. Blue Dragon

Also known as «Glaucus atlanticus» - kind of gastropods from the squad nudibranch. Swallowing air bubble, which is subsequently stored in his stomach, he swims upside down on the surface of the ocean.

15. Sea Butterfly

The most common gastropod mollusk species, which is found in the ocean. As a result of the evolution of the increased level of acidity in the guinea butterfly formed calcified shell, shaped like a shell.

16. Hairy crab

Better known as «Kiwa hirsuta». This creature lives in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. Males prefer warmer water, while females and juveniles - cold.

17. Leafy Seadragon

The representatives of this species and the head of the whole body covered with spikes that mimic algae that serves as a kind of camouflage. In addition skate-picker is a Marine emblem of South Australia.

18. Shrimp skeleton

Thanks filiform body and thin limbs, it may disappear among the algae, hydroids and bryozoans. It is also called "ghost shrimp».

19. Sparkling squid

Although it is similar to an ordinary squid, representatives of this species grow to seven and a half centimeters in length and die a year after his birth. In Japan, it is produced on a commercial scale. After the storm, when the squid washed ashore, they literally cover the shoreline, because of what for them and great interest.

20. Carpet Shark

If you look at the pictures - it becomes clear why it is so named. Although not all members of this type are similar to the carpet, some have an extraordinary resemblance.

21. angelfish

Also known as "warty angler." Oddly enough the fish rather than floats, and travels along the bottom of the ocean. Her mutated fins are very similar to human hands.

22. Porpoise

These strange creatures live at a depth of more than a thousand meters, in particular the deep plains of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Some related species inhabit the Antarctic.

23. Predatory Sponge

At first glance, and I do not understand that before you carnivorous creature. In 2012, he found a group of scientific research institute «Monterey Bay Aquarium». SpongeBob lives at a depth of several kilometers below sea level. Her menu includes crabs and other crustaceans.

24. Live rock

It is a delicacy in Chile. From a close distance it resembles the system of which is powered by micro-organisms, sucking water.

25. Pike blennies

These fish are extremely aggressive. To find out who is the main thing the males open their mouths wide and pressed his lips together. The winner is the one whose mouth is larger.


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