Terror in the mall in Nairobi (40 photos)

21 September 2013. 18:35 All newswires reported terrible terrorist attack in Nairobi, where armed men broke into the mall and started shooting people.

Militants removed the surveillance camera. Two of the attackers

first minutes after the attack. People ran out into the street

In the building are already employees of special services.

People ran out holding the hands of children

The police help people leave the building

The first minutes of the shooting, the smoke hanging in the air

The policeman behind cover

On the streets and riot police. Who does not know the number of victims, hostages and terrorists

A woman with a child runs

Someone is hiding in the building

Special Forces behind cover

On the streets of dozens of wounded


People run from the premises of the shopping center

According to the authorities organizing the attacks claimed group Al-Shabab

According to the latest Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kenya, became the victims of the attack 68 people, about 300 wounded.

September 23 security services stormed the shopping center. Explosions, gunfire black smoke

On the streets of doctors, the press and the police

The building is surrounded by a dense

Hostage rescue

The operation to neutralize the terrorists last more than a day


Press covers events around the shopping center


Operation continues at night

The exact number of terrorists is still unknown, so many versions about the composition of the militants, but they are not official. At the moment the September 24 operation continues.


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