Amputation - General Theory

Amputation is used to control symptoms and improve function and quality of life. This is often necessary because of diabetic complications, gangrene, severe fractures, bums, and malignant tumors. For all these reasons, diabetes, it accounts for the majority of the amputations of the lower limbs due to poor circulation, which can lead to infection, which can rapidly spread throughout the body. In some cases, part of the body can be removed due to injury intentionally surgically due to progressive diseases, congenital malformations or severe disabling injuries. This is called an amputation.
OslozhneniyaDlya each operation, there is always the risk of infection. But the risk is higher after injuries and the risk is very much higher due to contamination of the wound. In addition, there is the potential for massive bleeding due to rupture of blood vessels, as well as problems can arise due to contact with foreign objects. Patients always need to follow to avoid these complications, especially in the early postoperative phase.
Care after amputation
The main task after surgery - wound healing. For the rest of the limbs should be carefully observed in order to prevent complications. Phantom limb or sense of presence can be felt amputee patient and these events should be monitored closely and try to extinguish the panic patient. Most of these experiences are painful and are believed to be caused by the rupture of the nerve endings that send unusual signals to the brain that are perceived as pain. Individuals who undergo amputation, need support as they mourn the loss of a limb. They may feel exhausted, even if they have been informed in advance. Thus, the patient needs to set aside time to work on his mind if he needs it. At this point, the family and friends are very much needed to help a person get used to the changes, accept the loss, and care for the residual limb independently. As with any disabilities, victims should be encouraged to maintain a positive outlook on life and make the most of existing opportunities.


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