Scientists have found one of the rarest of particles at the Large Hadron Collider

Scientists conducting research at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), discovered one of the rare decay particles that are found in nature. Such data are November 12 BBC News.
Past event, a serious blow to the theory of physics known as supersymmetry (SUSY).

"Maybe, SUSY and not die, but in view of recent results, the hospital gets it exactly," - said Professor Chris Parks, representing Great Britain. A professor Val Gibson of Cambridge team said that the new discovery "on the theory of supersymmetry on the shoulder».

If SUSY is not really explain the origin of dark matter, the scientists have to look for new ideas that could explain the discrepancy in the Standard Model. Until now, researchers involved in the race, the aim of which is to detect evidence of the so-called "new physics", suffered a number of setbacks.

New physics or physics beyond the Standard Model attempts to explain such things as the origin of mass, neutrino oscillations, asymmetry of matter and antimatter, and other facts that are no adequate description of the official science. Examples of these developments include string theory, M-theory, as well as additional measurements.


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