Darwin Award Winners - 2007

In the US, announced the winners of one of the most extraordinary prizes - Darwin Awards.

The award of the informal award posthumously awarded to the person who most absurd way died. Each year, the winners are selected by online voting. This year the winners were 6 people selected from 17 nominees, writes RBC.

The winners are distributed as follows. Last place went to American named Oscar, 29-year-old computer science teacher who died in the performance of their favorite activities in not quite the appropriate time. Ehav at high speed on the highway in his car, Oscar tried something else printed on a laptop connected to the cigarette lighter, accidentally drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a Hammer. The teacher died on the spot, but his laptop is not a bit hurt.

Slightly more votes collected incident that occurred simultaneously with two residents of the city of Valparaiso (Illinois). The friends were playing a game of "who will stay longer on the tracks in front of a moving train." Dangerous game took place at midnight, as a result of one of the players, Patrick Stiff, was hit by the train, the driver of which in the darkness did not even notice debater.

The next place was a resident of Virginia, who too zealously bore his old barn. Inspired by waving a chainsaw around, that falls under the arm, a man cut the girders and the roof of the barn fell down.

The penultimate place in the top five went to 63-year-old resident of Germany, the date of his death, according to investigators, it is possible to determine the account of the electric company. Determined to get rid of pesky moles in their area, he stuck to the ground with metal rods and connect them to the high-voltage line. By accident, the current was on a piece of land, where there was a German. Fighters with a mole then found dead.

The first place was taken by the young lovers from South Carolina, died at age 21 during the ordinary process of conception, committed not quite ordinary way. Trying probably experience the thrill, the couple climbed onto the roof of the house, from which fell. Half dead on the road naked bodies were found only in the morning. Young people have died in hospital from serious injuries.

The absolute winner of "Darwin Award" was Texan Mike Warner, who passed away, so to speak, from "anal alcoholism." Not being able to drink alcohol due to illness of the throat, the man poured him a rectally. Mike died of an overdose, by giving a two-1, 5-liter bottles of sherry, thanks to which the level of alcohol in his blood six times higher than the permissible norm.


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