Preliminary results from the probe Dawn

Data collection will begin in normal mode next week, when the orbit is reduced to 2 700 km (by the way, July 28 ion engine working again).
July 19-21, Dawn flew over the dark side of the asteroid, now located in 188 million km from Earth. Pictures shadow side were published on July 28. Today, August 1, NASA will share with the world of photographs and images that unit did during the flyby lit side July 22-25: The next, waiting for you! Vesta's surface not only pictures, but also investigated spectrometer operating in the visible and infrared ranges.

Total after reaching orbit Vesta Dawn made more than 500 photos.

The minimum distance at which the largest in history - the scale of solar panels is 19 m 3 - NASA probe closer to Vesta will be 178 km. Later, Dawn will leave orbit and head for the first largest body in the asteroid belt - the dwarf planet Ceres. Orbit around Ceres, Dawn which will be released in 2015 will be higher than the orbit of Vesta: at Ceres, apparently, there is water ice, and NASA does not want to "spoil" him.


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