Planets of the solar system instead of our Moon

As the night sky would look like if the moon were in place the other planets of the solar system.

This moon, the night sky looks familiar.

The planet Mercury, its dimensions are comparable to the moon so that the difference is small.

Mars. Clearly shows its reddish color, and size it significantly more.

Venus, its atmosphere reflects sunlight much more than other objects in the solar system. He would have covered the planet is not worse than the sun

Neptune, blue ball would give the night sky blue glow. He is no longer the moon 14 times.

Uranium, would be very very similar to Neptune, but without its blemishes caused by huge hurricanes

Saturn, the most beautiful planet, rings would stretch to a distance seen by the human eye. Because of its size, we could not see it completely.

Jupiter, would take a huge space of the night sky, the size is truly impressive. He is 40 times greater than the moon.


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