5 kinds of cheating tourists in 2013

Those who are soon going to go on a vacation, we caution: the main danger for our tourists abroad, as shown by the events of recent weeks - no floods or riots, and scammers.

In each country, invent their own ways of divorce. Here are the 5 most unlikely that occurred in 2013.

1. Divorce Turkish

- It was the May holidays in a restaurant in the old town of Side, - said Sergey Biryukov from Dolgoprudny. - My wife and there are many nazakazali: prices on the menu were quite affordable. But the bill amount, which we then brought, was three times higher. Of course, we immediately became angry, then we brought another menu (the first at us immediately after the order was taken), and in it - new prices, almost as in Moscow. And can not prove anything. We tried to threaten the police - it is useless. During the bid amount, however, dropped two times, but still it was more than that for which we ate.

To protect themselves from such restaurant threw a very simple: you always leave the menu on the table until settlement with the waiter.

2. Divorce Thai

Irina Shapkina from Novosibirsk vacationing in Thailand more than once (Siberians generally chosen eastern resorts), but on the eve of March 8 yet fallen for the bait local bred:

- In some temple in Bangkok Thai came up to me with bags of corn kernels. And there was a lot of pigeons around, all photographed with them. So he offers me the corn for the pigeons for 50 baht. Not cheap, but it still puts me a few bags. I ask: "For everything?" He nods his head, that "yes", but when I nafotkal and whole grains came out, it requires me to have 50 baht per pack. I refused, but then rose the cry, the noise, his friends came running ...

The story is not over. Irina quickly approached the police and asked the documents and began to assure that her visa is framed incorrectly, so he confiscate her passport "to find out." As a result, the girl had to leave instead of 50 from 1000 baht, which moved into the pockets of the seller and the custody order. Only later, by a guide, Irina learned that the police was false.

Pay for all purchased on the street (water, food, etc.), you must immediately until the trader does not put a new account. And the original documents should always be stored in the hotel, carrying a only photocopies.

3. Break-Dutch

In Amsterdam, The Hague and other tourist centers of the Netherlands lzhepolitseyskie bred our brother somewhat differently.

- We went with friends from the same institution, and the police in our face - identity: "At the moment in the country there are many counterfeit currency. Present your check to "- recalled the case of a recent vacation metropolitan student. - We have shown the euro, and we still have seven hundred dollars was. The policeman looked at them on the light returned and apologized for the inconvenience. And then it turned out that one hundred dollar bill into a one-dollar - because they look like. Apparently, submenus.

Police European countries shmonali passers without the sanction and the more reason. This is not Russia. Hint fraudster that do not go away with him to the land - it is likely that a rogue immediately lost in the crowd.

4. Divorce Italian

But I already saw myself. In the heart of Rome, in Via del Corso, where many shops, was covered with a green blanket table at which young people collected money from tourists for rehabilitation of drug addicts. That is, they collected signatures against drug addiction, but then somehow it turned out that each signatory is required for their civic position and pay more.

- Lead to it only tourists - said Alexander, a member of one of the tour operators in the Apennines. - Local, well aware that the money collected goes not to the fight against drug trafficking, and on the new dose. These tables puts itself Mafia and Cosa Nostra associated with the Carabinieri do not touch them. Cheaper and safer to just pass by.

Signatures on documents in an incomprehensible language never worth it, and even more so - to give money to obscure the target. Here the recipe: "My yours do not understand┬╗.

5. Divorce in Bulgarian

Natalia from Moscow decided in Sunny Beach change their euros for local levs, the benefit of the exchange rate in the near bank seemed to be the best. The cashier gave her cash and asked to sign the check. Natalia put his autograph, but when counted levs, it turned out - they are less than it should be:

- I was indignant, but the cashier showed me a check, which was listed a very different course: "If the undersigned, therefore, agree with this, so it is useless to complain┬╗.

However, in Bulgaria, as in the Crimea, flying is usually a constant audience, so this configuration is already known to many. In its place comes a new now. On the scoreboard with the course staff exchangers instead of the names of currencies are fixed magnets with the flags of the European Union or the United States. And then when the tourists are outraged that they have sold levs at the less favorable rate, say that the score is not a course, and the cost of the magnets. And it all under the law, no reproach.

Exchanging currency, pre-must always ask again about the course of the cashier and ask it to dial the calculator the amount that is owed to you in the end.


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