SLS AMG became electric

idea of ​​"green" supercar was overcome all the leading carmakers. Ferrari, Porsche working on their "green missiles", and Mercedes-Benz recently presented a prototype electric supercar of the future - SLS AMG E-Cell. The German company says that his creation will be the first all-electric supercar, which goes on sale. In the showrooms, it should appear in 2013. A pretty bold statement, in Tesla, surely, there are objections. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell is driven by electric motors chetyrmya issuing a total power of 519 hp To disperse hundreds took only 4 seconds. But the nature of the electric vehicle gives it significant disadvantages. Vehicle weight is much higher because of the batteries and is about two tons. Energy reserves just enough for 150 kilometers. Mercedes-Benz engineers hope that the final version of the car will weigh less and be able to travel at least a distance of 200 km.


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