Gold Christmas tree

before Christmas for another month, and the world is engulfed in the pre-euphoria. For manufacturers of gifts it is the busy season. To attract attention, they compete in the creation of "most-most" of things. Jewelers, for example, made the race most expensive Christmas trees. This year, loud claim to leadership filed a Japanese house Ginza Tanaka. Masters of the company erected, they say, the most expensive Christmas tree, which costs $ 1, 95 million. Tree made of 12 kilograms of pure gold. On the creation of 2, 5-meter-high symbol of Christmas 15 jewelers worked for one and a half months. In the past, Arab jewelers created a Christmas tree cost $ 11 million. However, there is a basic value of creating jewelry, and the price of wood does not hold up to a thousandth part of this amount. So the title of leader depends on how you count. Jewelers surely continue to find out who among them is steeper. And we, the viewers of the "competition," it will be interesting to observe the process. Admire the golden Christmas tree can Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo boutique brand until December 25. video>


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