Killing Campaign: Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton

Hardly anyone of the top brands dare to compete with Louis Vuitton in the level of advertising stars. Recently we told about the campaign with the participation of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Under Olympics LV slaughter fired a series of shots with the king of the Games-2012 - a magnificent Michael Phelps. No, we do not want to say bad about the other brands. They are also decent, strong people. But when you see another campaign Louis Vuitton - it becomes clear that the French brand is on a completely unattainable height. American swimmer name is known even to those who are far from the sport. At the Games in London, he broke the record medal our compatriot Larissa Latynina, becoming the only sport in the history of the 18-time Olympic champion. And the sound of trumpets, Michael announced his intention to leave the sport. The handsome, in a word. LV called and our renowned athlete, whose record held for nearly half a century. One of the photos Larissa Semyonovna communicates with the new champion with a cup of tea. Control shot: Phelps and Latynina rented Annie Leibovitz - the highest paid photographer in the world. It is terrible to imagine the size of marketing budgets allocated to the promotion of the brand LV. But, hell, it's worth it.


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