Royal "Russo-Balt" and "Eagle" for the tuple

members of the "motorcade" to develop a new limousine for President of the Russian Federation, may revive the old brand "Russo-Balt» (Russo-Baltique), as well as discussing the possibility of creating a new automobile brand "Eagle "with the Russian coat of arms on the logo. Brand "Russo-Balt" appeared in Tsarist Russia. Built in Riga in 1869, the plant has put the family of the Russian monarchs 58 cars. After the Bolsheviks came to power, he began to study the creation of aircraft. In post-Soviet Russia once again talking about the plant only in 2006, when the Geneva Motor Show was presented the car Russo-Baltique Impression (pictured). The St. Petersburg OOO "Russo-Balt" at the same time presented a design project of the new president's car on the basis of Rolls-Royce Phantom. The project died because of lack of interest in its state. And now, in favor of the revival of the brand, according to the newspaper, made by the head of the Central Research Automobile and Engine Institute (NAMI) Nagaitsev Maxim, who is also one of the key participants of the project "tuple". Another option under consideration of the new Russian car brand - "Eagle". On its logo may appear an element of double-headed eagle - on the Russian coat of arms. Project preparation of small-scale production of luxury cars on the basis of GAZ, ZIL, US and "Marusya Motors", according to preliminary estimates, will cost approximately 1, 1 billion rubles. The retail price of a limousine with the presidential series will be somewhere in the 6-7 million rubles.


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