Military Review: A shot of the RPG-7 in the active tank armor Arena

Amazing video camera, recording 18,000 frames per second in HD, shows the flight missile and destroying it with the help of active protection systems (APS).
Active protection systems (Arena) was developed in Kolomna, Russia, for the protection of armored vehicles from light anti-tank weapons, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), and anti-armor missiles with warheads.

The protection system uses Doppler radar detection of flying up warheads. If you notice flies warhead detonates small bomb that exploded a few meters away along with the rocket, while the technique itself remains intact.

The system uses this armor and mounted on T-80 tanks. In the video, as a weapon to use manual testing armor antitank grenade (RPG-7), which is mounted on a special Lazet.

Distance to target - about 50 meters, it overcomes the shell released in less than a second.

Anti-tank system arena consists of three parts:

 - Radar detection system is circular;

 - Special shells hit targets;

 - The system of shooting a projectile.

The system of protection against anti-tank missiles flying detects warhead, its speed and direction, and then it shoots a projectile that explodes and destroys the incoming missile shrapnel.

It is worth noting that the missile fired from RPG-7 can penetrate armor up to half, and its flight speed is more than 200 meters per second.

Everything that happens you can see in the video, which in slow motion shows how the system works to protect Arena.


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