Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead - American animated television series, and perhaps a symbol of his era. The plot, which tells the story of two teenagers blunt, eventually turned into a real cult: released comic, games and even clothing with their symbols. I suggest a few minutes back to the late 90's and to learn about the fate of the characters.

Beavis and Butthead - Dumb and Dumber - Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, the last critical intellectuals of the late twentieth century, throw off the shackles of culture, civilization imposed and trapped in primetime on MTV - the ideal of teaching the theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Not for nothing at the end of the 90s in the Russian animated series about the adventures of a "sweet couple" has been a popular president Yeltsin. In contrast to the mooing of politicians, they briefly spoke in plain language about issues that bother every teenager - the lack of sex and money for chips. And adults without a shadow of self-irony mocked cardboard issues comical characters from the TV, watched and admired, that in nature there are morons who surpass them. But no matter how wrong, Beavis and Butthead - typical vegetables, ie, 90% of the population, and the truth is known from the time of Heraclitus, not baby shampoo "quack-quack," she pricks eyes hurt. The Beebe different from the poor lumpen that with beer and dried fish in his hands while away the evening in search of a clip "brilliant", jumping from channel to channel to watch the lively montage of girls' asses and forget sleep before a new working day in «Burger World»? Or Beebe differ from any teenager who has the courtesy and the mind is not held in high esteem? I remember my school friend's parents earnestly forbade him to watch the adventures Beebe, for fear that their son will begin to emulate screen idols. It is a waste of time and nerves. What teenager would like to emulate the two loser that no one gives?


With the advent of the 1998 MTV-Russia, we grew up in the tolerant Piggy Stepashi and instantly fell in love with giggling Beebe. We giggled, looking at them, and they, along with head-office MTV laughed at us. In the room with the dilapidated walls of an old couch sat two young and nice guys in T-shirts AC / DC and Metallica, staring at the TV, which showed clips of steep slop and performers from the golden cage mainstream. The steepness determines the presence of half-naked chicks in the frame, explosions krovyashi and disasters (eg, White Zombie, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry), respectively, in the slop videos of all this was not (Grim Reaper, Culture Club, Color Me Badd, Vanilla Ice, Milli Vanilli). Discussing clips, they held a kind of inventory, acting as curator of the musical process, and this kind of vocabulary used - offensive teenage expression and no strong language. Vocabulary Beebe is minimal, it is free from ambiguity, but they understood each other, using two or three phrases to describe the philosophical doctrines: "It's cool," "sucks", "Like this," etc. Russian mom and dad trained cormorants and pelmeni (in the original - Loboc and Zhopogolovy) great and mighty: the journalist and translator Beebe Masha Gavrilova greatly enriched the lexicon of protagonists who in Russian spoken voice Sergei Chonishvili (he sounded all the other cartoon characters). < br />
When the riser is weakened, our heroes out of school to see his favorite teacher, a former hippie, and a retired Special Forces soldier, worked as a teacher of physical education. Do not forget to congratulate them and their neighbor, a veteran of the Vietnam War, and FBRovtsev honored, and the feminists, and lawyers, and many others. And knew how to have fun with a spark - Stewart mocked, "we received bream" from Todd deduced lice using a blowtorch and hunted flies with a chainsaw. His behavior Beavis and Butthead have demonstrated that they have nothing to lose but an old TV, and they are free - this is the peak of rebellion 90 - Bib best hundred books illustrated the main argument against the consumer society. Michael Judge, creator of Beebe, was able to portray the extreme caricature of the modern society.


Judge for yourself, Beebe lusting female attention that today is not considered mandatory standards. Appear animated series in 2013, two horny schoolboy quickly would find something to do, staying home alone at the screen without parental care. But they are not one of those who goes by the handle at the gay parade - just our heroes live a day can not live without each other, indicating that the true and strong as granite, friendship in the noblest sense of the word. Here and thirst for adventure, not a propaganda offensive "sitting in front of computer", though against the background of the tragic provincial fatherless. And remember - on the walls at the entrance instead of the usual three letters began to write Beavis & Butt-Head Rules, but this is about something tells.

At the time, the series was notable cultural phenomenon, but then it was a critical fuse weakened, and in 1997 it officially ceased to exist. In the 16 years since the closure of the world has undergone tremendous changes - the terrorist attacks, the Internet and Steve Jobs. In 2011, Mike Judge is back on MTV and again went on the air from 8 season - revayvl failed and froze the project again, apparently having decided to put the full stop once and for all. It is noteworthy that in the same 1997, the duo's career at sunset romantic imbecility, South Park started with his version of "childhood in provincial America" ​​- and his era ends today before our very eyes. Unfortunately, we have to this day there are almost no texts analyzed in detail the phenomenon of Beebe - during the global triumph of the series such topics are not yet interested scholars. All of this Euro-American old guard of intellectuals of the twentieth century with interest glances in the direction of mass culture, but not disgust handle deer - status was expensive. Today the whole authoritative philosophical issues of publications devoted to "The Simpsons" and "Futurama", where allusions and hidden Easter eggs more than growing hair on his chest Ron Jeremy. Thus, the "professional philosophers" relieve yourself from the tedious process of circling around it is strictly required textbook and update the blood, in his sect recruiting fresh meat, not burdened by the works of Hegel.


We are now able to understand yourself is one of the masterpiece phenomena 90s, occasionally returning to the disks on which the recorded impression of a bygone era. And let us never see Beebe adults, but we know that they do not happen - neither bad nor good. This story will never end. It is written: "Blessed are the poor in spirit - because theirs is the kingdom of heaven».




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