Top Twitter photos of stars for the year 2012

After a failed marriage, Katy Perry followed the example of the protagonist "Eat Pray Love" by more than half.

"She ate, prayed, went up to the volcano»

Twitter Miley Cyrus as the site of a shelter for animals are dogs of all breeds and all sizes. Every day, twitter photos replenished, but these days the singer was not 12, but 10 dogs. Darling Cyrus, Leela, bitten another dog it, smack in good hands after the incident.

"If ever Catwoman will Englishwoman, it will look exactly like you!" - Wrote to his followers retweets happy picture of stylish male IT-girl Alexa Chung. Share this image in a spicy leather jumpsuit Alex posted on his page a couple of months after the release of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises».

Who lead on and rack. Beyoncé grilzah like removed from the teeth of Jay-Z, support in the US presidential race, Barack Obama (note earrings «Obama»).

Laze by the pool prerogative of many rappers who have created a multibillion-dollar capital a long time ago. This summer, P. Diddy enjoy the sun, not forgetting the sunblock.


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