Cover of Vogue UK

The famous singer, who had several times to visit on the cover of American Vogue, first graced the May issue of Vogue UK.

On Beyonce light spring dress in the style of the '90s from the collection of the British designer Jonathan Saunders. It complements the image of natural styling and minimal makeup. Critics were divided into two camps. Someone turns away tasteless clothes for Vogue and unnatural posture, and someone with the image of the pose seem cheerful and charming.

Inside the room the photos and an interview in which Bey talks about his views on femenizm and gender in today's world.

I think I'm a modern feminist. I believe in equality. Why does someone have to choose what type of women belong? Why hang on labels? I'm just a woman and enjoy it.

Mrs. Carter did not deny that her life changed after she became the lawful wife of Jay-Z, and later her mother:

I'm happily married and love my husband [...] Marriage, of course, changed me: I have become more daring and fearless. Such as never before [...] It came with the realization of its goals and those who I really was. When I saw my daughter, I said to myself: "That's what I was born».
However, she loves not only his family, but also work. It seems that it nothing can stop:

I always fill his bruises during the show - on the legs, the hips. But I'm sure that once you start to do something, you fight to the end, do not fear anything.
It seems that the last sentence could be called Beyonce's credo. In front of her are many unclimbed horizons and creative plans. And, according to rumors, the nearest of them - cover for the magazine V.


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