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Walt Disney never fails to delight his fans with new premieres of movies, cartoons, and other amenities. Since August 26, the press service of the company announced the imminent opening of a new thematic section in its amusement park. According to the organization, the section will be devoted entirely to such mythical characters like Thor and other heroes of the magical city of Asgard.

According to preliminary data, the official opening of the section will be timed to coincide with the premiere of "Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness" and will be held on November 8.

Seizing the moment, let's successful projects of Disney, which also focused on the sections in the famous amusement park.

So recently in the park was inaugurated and another section devoted to science fiction film "Iron Man." Everyone who decided to visit the «Iron Man Tech», can not simply look at the photo of the protagonist Tony Stark, but also to familiarize with the costumes that were used in the film, as well as to try on virtual models suit MARK 42.

After the successful project "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Disneyland was created a section on this film. Here you can see the proverbial "the Black Pearl", Skeletal sailors playing chess.

And, of course, the most valuable item became a pirate ship and rock black skull.

At Disneyland you can also find a real fairy Nautilus Captain Nemo. With its amazing portholes and a unique form of housing.

Here there is an attraction Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, dedicated to the movie with an adventurer Indiana Jones. Every visitor to Disneyland can go to the temple and cobra feel like a hero of the film.

In this section you can find not only an ancient castle full of pitfalls and hidden artifacts, but the jeep in which the actor Harrison Ford traveled during filming.

Here there was a place for the film adaptation of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." On one of the trees in the park can be found the Cheshire Cat.

Also in this section, there are other heroes of fairy tales, The Mad Hatter, Alice and other characters.

Do not leave anyone indifferent, and a section on "Star Wars».

And having been in the section where the depicted fabulous Peter Pan at the helm of the ship, you can temporarily return to childhood and remember the good old cartoon about the adventures of a brave boy who could fly.

In short, Disneyland - is a unique place, which successfully combines fairy tale with adult heroes and adventure blockbuster series.


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