The Last Bridge

fans to tickle nerves in the near future is to come back to Switzerland. It opened a new "ride" - a suspension bridge, claiming to be the worst in mire.

Bridge Titlis Cliff Walk is located on Mount Titlis at an altitude of more than three thousand meters above sea level. It is believed that this is the highest suspension bridge in Europe. For comparison, the height of another famous suspension bridge in Switzerland - Trift Bridge - is only 100 meters.

With the construction of an unforgettable view of the Swiss Alps, and on a clear day you can see even the "edge" of Italy. However, during the opening of the bridge was an overlay - began a blizzard and visibility was reduced to a few meters, which, in turn, affected the entertainment event.

Construction Titlis Cliff Walk took only five months. The cost of the work amounted to one million pounds. The resulting design is a length of almost 100 meters and width - at least one meter.

This bridge is so strong that, according to builders, can withstand the weight of about 500 tons of snow and strong winds, which at a height can reach 200 kilometers per hour.

However, officials have promised that the bridge would need to be cleaned. In addition, they expect that the most popular use of the bridge will be still in the summer, but now the interest in it among tourists ogromen.



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