Meteorite fragments

Scientists discovered in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Chebarkul fragments of the meteorite, which fell on February 15 near Chelyabinsk, RIA-Novosti reported. This was stated by a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Committee on Meteorites Victor Grokhovsky of the Ural Federal University. According to him, an extraterrestrial nature of the fragments was confirmed by chemical issledovaniyami.

Meteorite fragments were found by a team of the Ural Federal University. "We literally just finished the study, we confirm that the particles of a substance found in our expedition (UFU) in the Lake Chebarkul really have meteorite nature. This meteorite is classified as ordinary chondrites, stony meteorite it with an iron content of about 10%. Most likely, he will be awarded the title of "meteorite Energo", - said Victor Grokhovsky.



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