Daft Punk first detailed account of his work on the soundtrack for the film "Tron: Legacy"

Music Thomas Bangalter (Thomas Bangalter) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) - one of the most publicized recording projects in 2010.

Yesterday, December 6, an official release of the soundtrack, 11 days before the premiere of the film in the United States. The duo will appear on the cover of the new December issue of Dazed & Confused, in which they talk in detail about their past, present and future of the enterprise.

"This project - perhaps the most intense and complex thing we've ever done", - said Thomas, speaking about their soundtrack for the film "Tron: Legacy." - "Starting with the recording of electronic music in a small bedroom, and ending with the execution of our compositions the orchestra from 90 persons, cooperation with the best musicians in the world ... We are fortunate in my career, we have experienced a huge amount of emotional moments, but recording this orchestra will be remembered for a long time."

Most of the interview focused on the priority given to Daft Punk, rather orchestral rather than electronic components in their soundtrack. Guy-Manuel believes that the high quality is typical of much of the music Daft Punk, and he hoped that the arrangement of the film "Tron: Legacy" will inspire fans to the study of the classics. "The soul and emotion classics are so powerful that it is not impossible to love her. People believe that the creation of such music must be an appropriate education. I myself thought so many years, has not yet listened to so many kinds of music that one day just decided to try and classic sound. However, it is not education ... It is the understanding of what is already there ».

Thomas stresses the timelessness of orchestral instruments, compared with the electronic. "Cello was 400 years, and will be even 400. But synthesizers invented 20 years ago, probably in 20 years has gone. In the past we have worked with clashing genres like disco and heavy metal, and continue to deal with them in the soundtracks to the films based on the idea of ​​a final retro-futurism ».

"We knew from the beginning that the soundtrack for this film will not work with two synthesizers and a drum machine," - he added, referring to Max Steiner, Bernard Herman, John Carpenter, Vangelis and Maurice Jarre as masterminds.

 - What will be correct to assume that you find dance music less appealing than before?

"Most likely, yes," - said Thomas. "We all care about the music, and we're just trying to constantly experiment. As an option - to turn to other genres of music, because I think that the orchestra can experiment more freely than with drums and synthesizer ».

He chased "Tron: Legacy" film in the original duo's imagination? Not in the case of Guy-Manuel. "Tron had a huge influence on me when I was a kid. I was eight, he - seven. Perhaps I saw him only two or three times in my life, but the feeling remained strong even now, so I think the first impression of the new movie is not erased. It really is fantastic features ».

"As soon as we saw that the director does not try to copy the first movie" Tron "," - says Thomas. - "I thought that it might be interesting. And then just imagine what we can do ».

"The biggest pressure always comes from us, even in such a project. I think that's why we need a lot of time before you agree. Only in this way can we secure freedom and space for experiments in showbiz environment - it's a dream factory. Hollywood is located at the intersection of imagination and industry. "


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