Day in Photos, February 29, 2012

Winter end! Completed calendar winter. And if the window is still snow, often refer to the calendar - spring still, albeit so far only on the calendar. In the last minutes elusive environment, it's time to find out what was going on in the world.

The man crouched under an umbrella on a snow-covered alley in Tokyo, Japan. Winter does not give up.

Passengers tram viewed through the window snowstorm in Toronto, Canada.

A small bug in the hand of man, which in a moment will be released into the sea. Today on the beach Lampuuk that Devils Aceh, Indonesia, took action to save the newly hatched turtles.

But this green turtle feels more than comfortable in the aquarium Oberhausen, Germany.

A couple walks past a giant sculpture of the head near the art complex "798", Beijing, China.

Indian boy eats a free lunch at a school in the poor areas of New Delhi, India.

However, not only free food is not available to all, but also the training. Girl sitting on a metal bar in Mumbai, and could at that time to gain knowledge.

About five thousand students from low-income families in Nicaragua, received today, as an incentive to learn, brand new laptop "XO", from the charitable organization Ā«Zamora-Teran FoundationĀ».

A woman with her child begging in the center of Athens, Greece.

A policeman guards burned drugs in Herat, Afghanistan.

An elderly man tries to sell flowers on the streets of Bucharest, Romania.

Here you may not immediately notice the man in the tree branches of a lever. And it is :) The streets of Seoul are decorated for tomorrow's celebration of the independence movement in South Korea.

On the same occasion and hundreds of torches and such outfits. 1 March 1919, the Koreans revolted against Japanese colonialists.

In South Korea, continue to show the courage and skill of the special unit to combat terrorism. Now we practiced at the airport of Incheon.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin of Russia show a short program at the Junior World Figure Skating Championships in Minsk, Belarus.

Spaniard Feliciano Lopez will likely someone promised to eat racket, if not win the Swiss Roger Federer. 5: 7, 3: 6 - the result of the match at the tennis tournament in Dubai, UAE. Well, you know, in whose favor;)

One eye, half a mouth, cap and racket Novak Djokovic tried to be nice today, winning the same tournament in Dubai Ukrainian Sergei Stakhovsky.

Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko is preparing to vigorously fight against Mormeck in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Swiss football team warm-up before the friendly match against Argentina in Bern, Switzerland. The game ended in victory for the South Americans with the score 3: 1.

Member of the carnival in Basel plays the flute, piccolo, Switzerland.

A girl walks past a painted pair of eyes in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Admiration on the face of the boy, from visiting the park of dinosaurs in Plant City, Florida, USA.

Actor Cillian Murphy poses during a photo session before the screening of the film "Red Lights" in Madrid, Spain.

A model shows fall-winter collection of designer Guy Laroche, at Fashion Week in Paris, France.

Photo: AFP, AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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