The day in pictures, March 2 2012

Spring seems to have completely forgotten about their duties, and the second day of trying to ignore virtually the entire planet. This is easily taken advantage of the winter. And so zealously that even the snowmen have begun to participate in demonstrations.

The airplane is flying above the clouds over the city, and Krakow, Poland.

Two turkeys walking in a snow storm, North Andover, Massachusetts, USA.

A man trying to get out of the car after a blizzard swept, Aley, Lebanon.

The Great Wall is also covered with snow. Darkly, no ray of the lumen in the Chinese sky.

Fire at storage of chemicals in Göttingen made a St. Patrick's Day in one of the local streams. The authorities claim that the water is harmless, despite the leakage, Germany.

Heavy rains forced the inhabitants of the Australian state of New South Wales to begin evacuating. Birds water does not stop completely.

About five hectares of forest were destroyed by fire in the reserve, northern Brazil. The authorities do not rule out arson.

An elderly woman begs in the heart of Yangon, Myanmar.

In India, traditionally celebrates the arrival of spring festival of Holi, sprinkling each other with dry paint, Chandigarh. The only problem - Holi will be celebrated only on March 8. Probably you have been waiting for, the poor man, the joy of spring.

Fishermen out for prey in the lake in Amarapura, Myanmar.

Employees of the factory «Cohiba» rolled cigars, Havana, Cuba.

Iranian women look at a polling station in Tehran, the list of candidates to the parliament.

A woman in northern Syria have taken up arms in order to help the opposition to remove the current government.

Why are there women! In Hebron, a Palestinian on the street, was seen snowman with an M-16 rifle.

Cheerful business - the funeral. In the Nigerian city of Aqua always fun.

Greek farmers began to sell vegetables, such as potatoes, at cost, not to be out of the market of Thessaloniki intermediaries.

South Korean human rights activists lit fires in protest against the actions of the Chinese authorities, who intend to deport all refugees from North Korea, Seoul.

Change of the guard of honor at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall in Moscow.

Whose flexibility is more flexible? American Gracie Gold (first), or the Russians Adelina Sotnikova (second)? FIFA World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Minsk continues Belarus.

The Italian Irena Kurtoni included in the next zigzag during the passage of the giant slalom at the World Cup in Alpine skiing in Ofterschwang, Germany.

It turns out, the first racket of the world, Serbian Novak Djokovic, is not so inflexible :) Today Novak caved in under pressure from Andy Murray in the semifinals of the tennis tournament, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

LeBron James of "Miami Heat" receives a portion of the massage before the match of the regular season against the NBA "Portland Trail Blazers" in Portland.

Today in Ruhpolding, Germany was a day off for the fans at the World Biathlon Championships.

However, athletes are no days off. Men preparing for tomorrow's sprint.

The model is preparing for another show at Fashion Week in Paris.

Singer Taylor Swift concert today in Perth opened its Ranged tour of Australia.

Fascinating light installation Yvette Mattern on the beach Uaytern Bay, England, called "Global Rainbow".

Photo: AFP, AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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