Pilgrimage to the Himalayas

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Indian pilgrims on a journey that takes more than one day. Travelers will not only pass the impressive mileage, but also up to a height of 3888 meters above sea level.

This "campaign" is carried out every year since the mid to late June. A place of pilgrimage for Hindus is one of the most important shrines in their religion - Amarnath cave. According to legend, it was in this cave that once, he told his Shiva Shakti (wife) Parvati, what is the secret of life and eternity. Due to the low temperature inside the cave is located a few blocks of ice, which are considered the embodiment of Shiva and called "Swayambhu Murti." June chosen by chance for pilgrimage. In summer, during the very short period of snow blocking the approaches to the cave, melts and allows you to reach the temple.

Photo by Getty Images


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