Panstarrs comet appeared in the sky above the Earth

Comet Panstarrs, she nonperiodic Sungrazing comet C / 2011 L4, safely passed perihelion and is now visible in the sky over our planet. To your attention a brief history and a selection of photos taken at a given moment.

The comet is invisible got its name. It was first seen in the summer of 2011 in telescope Pan-STARRS, located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Despite the potentially sad for comet predictions, she successfully passed closer to the sun. At the moment, the best time of observation of the comet is about half an hour after sunset. In this case, the observer must look to the area which is low on the horizon. "Hunters" for the comet Panstarrs currently rife :) Watch it can, with varying success almost all of March.


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