The story of one turret

This story is about turret occurred in Tskhinvali at the intersection of the Moscow Railway Station and, when three tanks were hit.

Day of August 8, 2008 a group of Russian-Ossetian soldiers (as in the comments spravdelivo noticed knock out a tank general Barankiewicz was serving in the army of South Ossetia. But until 2004 he served in the Russian and entered the service in Tskhinvali, for obvious reasons: Russia supported South Ossetia military personnel) at the intersection of the Moscow Railway Station and in Tskhinvali were hit three Georgian tanks. One after the detonation of ammunition literally torn to pieces. (Site of the explosion look at the first photo)

Detached turret flew a few dozen meters, broke through the canopy of the building and got stuck in the porch

So I photographed her in 2010 - almost nothing has changed

And this recent pictures after the renovation of the building - it was decided to keep the tower as the memory of the war



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