Wandering "Hsin-stone"

Now Pereslavl small, with a population of tens of thousands of people, four operating Orthodox Monastery - two male and two female; almost all the churches are Orthodox worship.

And while there are still common manifestations of paganism, the most genuine worship of idols. One of the oldest and most famous among the latter - a huge Hsin-stone, which compose the legends for centuries. And for good reason. Boulder surrounded by legends and mysteries that are yet no answer.

Rounded, like a slumbering whale with silver-blue tint, it seems to radiate warmth and light. In winter, when the lake shore Pleshcheeva covered with snow, Hsin-stone remains free from white cover: barely touching it, snowflakes melt.

Stone and his footstool covered with small coins, candy, flowers. And on the branches of bushes around it hung colorful ribbons and scarves. This - the gifts of modern pagans. Stone rarely left alone, there are always people, many come here "gain strength and health."

Boulder brought here, in the area of ​​Lake Pleshcheeva, in ancient times the glacier.
Then the ice retreated, a lake was formed. Huge boulder settled on steeper north-eastern shore, calling today Alexandrova mountain. And when these places were the first people to boulder immediately attracted their attention with its size and unusual dark blue-gray color.

He became an object of worship heathen Finno-Ugric tribe. They gave revered him as a god, and brought him to the victim.
Slavs, later colonized this region, have also begun to deify glybinu. They are dedicated to God Yarile hill and called Xin-stone boulder.

He was considered the heart of the pagan god of the sun, decorated with flowers and ribbons, drove around the shrine dances. On behalf of the pagan god, which was dedicated to the mountain, was the ancient name of the natural platform on top of it - "Yarilo Baldness».

With the advent of Christianity stone altar serving plate ancient sanctuary was declared "merskim (Merya) god", and produced beside him rites - sinful, but many people continued to worship boulder.


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