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Hurricane sneezing

When you sneeze, the average speed of the air flight from your mouth is about 165 km / h. It is not surprising that your mother taught you to cover your mouth when you sneeze. After all, with such a furious pace with air spread bacteria. And if you sneeze without covering his mouth, in a radius of 5 meters from you will be a cloud of bacteria.

Fight to the last

Over a lifetime, the human heart will have time to cut about 3 billion times, provided that the average life expectancy of 70 years. It's quite a lot of work for a little muscle the size of a fist to a child and two adult fist.

Any good smile

As it turned out, not only pleasant smile than to frown, but namnogolegche. In the literal sense of the word. When a person smiles, it uses 2 times less muscle than when frowning. Therefore, make life easier - smile. Even if feigned smile, smiling, the brain produces hormones of happiness - endorphins that make you happy

Human skin

You can throw your antibacterial soap. Your skin produces antibacterial chemicals, not to allow germs to breed. Not only will your skin is a physical barrier to infection, it also produces a special antibacterial peptides, which protect the skin from infection itself. In addition, our physical barrier is constantly updated. The complete cycle of renewal of skin cells is between 26 to 28 days



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