The safest place in the aircraft (11 photos)

To learn about the safest place in the plane, the Americans defeated the old one eroplan.
It happened on the border of the United States and Mexico, in the Sonoran Desert.
First Boeing 727 was controlled by the pilot, who then jumped with a parachute on it were remotely aircraft maintenance.


The experiment cost half a million dollars. The plane crashed into the ground at a speed of 225 km / h. Which corresponds to the full-fledged not collapse, in which chance to survive, as a rule, no one else, in a hard landing.

During the experiment, it was determined that a collision with the plane surface takes the brunt nose. So much risk are business class passengers, whose seats are located directly behind the cab and, accordingly, the pilots. But economy class passengers sitting in the last row, may well survive the emergency landing.

The experts participating in the test crash Boeing Tip: If comfort during the flight is not a priority, it is better to buy tickets in economy class and sit in the rear of the ship, a couple of rows from the emergency exit.



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