Rebellious teenager in the colony turned carnage

In Kirovograd educational colony (Sverdlovsk region), a group of teenagers trying to escape

The unrest began on Tuesday at 22:15 local time, when a group of inmates of the colony left the premises of his troops

As reported in Wednesday's press service GU FSIN for Sverdlovsk Region, was an attempt to break through the main rail

Time had to use the weapon to prevent

One the pupil was fatally wounded. In response, the prisoners set fire to the headquarters building
The current situation in prison is under control, all students are in teams. Fire extinguished old building

The number of victims in the incident amounted to 13 people. In addition, the operations duty officer was killed Kirovohrad colony. The wounded man was taken to the intensive care unit, but doctors could not save his life. Also, when trying to escape the death of one convict, "Interfax┬╗


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