Philippe Ramet, violating the laws of gravity (17 photos)

If you just show the audience photos Philippe Ramette and nothing to explain, then, most likely, these works consider the result of the author's skillful handling with the computer. But we need only mention that in any image no photoshop program, how it all began to puzzle over mystery: how the photographer managed to get these pictures? .. The protagonist in the photos Philip Rameta - is the author himself. Dressed in a black suit with a constant, it is surprising more and more with each new image. Presented by the author as the situation does not fall within our traditional perception of reality, the conclusion is that one - photomontage. In fact, Philippe Ramet prefers to call himself a sculptor rather than a photographer. After all, his main job is not to push the button of the camera, and in the creation of intricate metal structures, which are not seen in the picture, but that is just and provide all the necessary effects.




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