The strangest plants in the world

Rafflesia Arnoldi (Rafflesia arnoldii) - parasitic plant with the largest flowers in the world, but completely devoid of leaves and roots Steblin.
Rafflesia flower in the bud looks like a head of cabbage, and in expanded form up to 1 meter in diameter and weighs 4.6 kg.

Gidnora African (Hydnora africana) - insectivorous flower that grows in the deserts of South Africa.

Arum ordinary (Dracunculus vulgaris) - plant height of 90 cm, the leaves reach 20 cm in length.
Petioles and stems are fleshy - with brown spots, which gives them the appearance of snake skin. At the top of each Steblin with early summer inflorescence appears. Blanket with wavy edge reaches a length of 45 cm. Outside, it is a pale green, inside - purple and crimson. Dark purple spathe of the same length as the veil.


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