Pirates of the XXI century hijacked yacht Le Ponant

On Friday, pirates hijacked a yacht class "luxury» Le Ponant, which was heading from the Seychelles to the Mediterranean for cruises Alexandria - Valletta. On board were about 30 people.

Now the ship is at anchor near the shore of the Indian Ocean near the Somali village of Garaad. Food and water to the crew of the French yacht "Le Pont" hijacked, delivers one of the non-governmental organizations to Somalia.

Three-masted sailing yacht "Le Pont» (Le Ponant) worth about 10 million euros belong to the French company Iles du Ponant and held by the upper class cruise ratings. The length of a sailboat - 88 meters, can accommodate up to 67 people. The cabins are not inferior to five-star hotel and the cost of the weekly cruise (no trip to the starting point) - 2450 euro.

According to the International Maritime Bureau, in 2007 the pirates kidnapped 18 ships and killed five members of the crew and took hostage 292 people, three of which are still considered missing. Especially increased their activity off the coast of Somalia and Nigeria.



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